GST E-Invoice Setup Tutorial

This guide is intended to help open-source users who want to use e-invoicing API solution in ERPNext. As e-invoicing is becoming mandatory for businesses in India, we at Frappe have integrated ERPNex

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Step 1: Get your client credentials from Adequare GSP by subscribing to their e-invoicing app.

Step 2: Once you obtain Client ID & Client Secret, you must save these into sites/common_site_config.json. This will enable all of your sites on that bench to authenticate for e-invoicing.

Step 2: For Frappe Cloud users, you will have to add these 2 keys in the “Site Config” tab of a particular site.

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Step 3: You just need to follow the Setup E-Invoicing 20 guide from ERPNext documentation for production access.

Sandbox Testing

Step 3: If you want to test in a sandbox environment, enable the Sandbox checkbox and enter the sandbox credentials that Adequare has forwarded you at the time of subscription, in the E-Invoice Settings

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Step 4: The sandbox GSTIN used in the E-Invoice Settings (eg. 01AMBPXXXXXXXXX) needs to be saved into the company address GSTIN field. The appropriate GST State (eg. Jammu & Kashmir) & Pincode (eg. 193502) needs to be updated as well.

That’s It!

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