Suddenly backup size reduced to MBs & it's currupt

We installed ERPNext at Grand and the database size increased beyond 55GB within 8 months of usage. Suddenly one day we found that the backup is taken by the system automatically has reduced to jus

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  1. The backup size was reduced to Mbs whereas a usual backup size was bigger
  2. When we try to restore the backup over a test site, we found that the backup was corrupt and was of no use.
  3. It gave an error of "TabDefault" not found something
  4. The error was found when Ujjwal took a backup using pgdump command.
It gave an error like this:  Got packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' when dumping table `tabAccess Log` at row: 147032
  1. The backup was not happening unless he would increase the max-packet
  2. Ujjwal was finally able to take backup after manually passing --max-allowed-packet=100000M
mysqldump --max_allowed_packet=100000M -u root -p _8a2a6f48b6f9beb7 > db.sql -v
  1. I even tried increasing the Max Allowed packet size in 50-server.cnf, my.cnf but of no use. Even after rebooting the server
  2. Finally, figured out that the system used "/etc/mysql/conf.d/mysqldump.cnf" and not the other cnf files
sudo nano /etc/mysql/conf.d/mysqldump.cnf

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